Restaurant Bar and Cafe Reviews

Restaurant Bar and Cafe Reviews
Restaurant Bar and Cafe Reviews

Friday, 4 April 2014

El Cenador Grill, Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria (2012)…

On arrival we were shown to the tables for two, overlooking the small shopping mall and restaurant area. I ordered a mineral water while my partner had a beer. A small dish of 4 Canarian potatoes (cooked in their skins) was brought out, which tasted nice.

We skipped starters and went straight for mains. I had vegetable pizza while my partner ordered steak, chips and salad. Two small opened bottles of wine (1 red and 1 white) were brought to us but we didn’t want them so they were eventually taken away (they hadn’t given us any wine glasses in any case although I guess we could’ve asked for some). Two pots of sauce were then brought to the table (1 garlic and 1 Canarian sauce).

My pizza was quite nice but too filling to finish. The base was very crunchy in places and a bit doughy in other places but it wasn’t an issue. I dipped my crusts into the garlic sauce, which tasted really nice (quite strong).

My partner’s steak was slightly under-cooked and his chips weren’t the best he’d ever had (although they were ok), but the salad was fresh and the pepper sauce was excellent, and overall he did enjoy his meal.

Several different waiters served our table, which was a little confusing but not a problem, although a waitress did take away my cutlery after I’d used it on the Canarian potatoes and I had to ask another waiter for a knife and fork, then ask another, then someone else brought me fresh cutlery!

Each waiter has a device strapped to their wrist (looks like a watch) and every table has a little wooden block with 3 buttons. You press one for service, one for the bill and 1 for something else (I forget what). This seemed like a very good idea although I suspect the staff don’t think so when customers allow their children to touch the ‘toy’ on the table.

All in all it was worth the 26 euros we paid for the meal.

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