Restaurant Bar and Cafe Reviews

Restaurant Bar and Cafe Reviews
Restaurant Bar and Cafe Reviews

Friday, 4 April 2014

Compuccino, Colchester, Essex (2013)...

I've been regularly using this restaurant / café for many years and have never experienced a problem with it. There’s a variety of table sizes, so whether you’re dining alone or with friends there’s usually somewhere suitable to sit. As it’s an internet café there’s obviously computers along one wall for those who wish to surf the net.

The menu is made up with sandwiches, toasties and jacket potatoes, along with daily specials such as shepherds pie, steak & kidney pie or meat & potato pie (with chips or veg) and there are hot and cold drinks on offer, including milkshakes. If something is out of stock they’ll do all they can to provide something similar, (there was no pineapple one lunchtime for my pineapple and cream cheese on my jacket spud so I was offered either pear or apple instead).

There are often several OAPs in there, and I’ve always seen the staff pay them respect and a bit more attention (especially if they are on their own). There’s quite a bit of jolly banter that goes on with the ‘regulars’ which is nice. In fact, it’s where my elderly mother insists on eating every time she comes to visit me in Colchester! There are a variety of newspapers in a rack available for customers to read if they wish to.

It’s not The Ritz by any stretch of the imagination, and they've been the victims of vandals (broken windows) on several occasions, but if you want somewhere cheap and cheerful to have a bite to eat in the town centre then you can’t go far wrong giving Compuccino a go.

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